One Lovely Blog Award

There are certain risks in asking someone about themselves.  When I ask, I sometimes get a few uncertain words, followed by “um, yeah”s, and then silence.   It’s frustrating, but I can understand.  When someone asks me, I’m just as hesitant- wondering what I could reveal without being boring or weird.  Trying to get to know someone shouldn’t be so difficult.

But when Emily @ Ink,Inc tagged me for the One Lovely Blog Award, I felt a certain excitement.  The only rules seemed to be: 1- state seven facts about yourself, 2 -Pass it on.  I realized that this was a chance to talk about anything and everything.  Now, I still waffled about what to put down, but it was fun overall.  I keep silent about so many things, and I appreciate being able to talk about how much I love tea, or hate whistling.

So without further ado and without rhyme or reason, here are my seven facts:



  1. I enjoy needle felting (which is the art of stabbing wool with a barbed needle to make a felted picture or sculpture).

    Felted goats
    Needle felted picture of a mother goat and her kid
  2. I loathe the sound of whistling. That’s putting it mildly.
  3. I’d love to own a plot of land someday, and build my own house.

    cobhouse 008
    I’d like a place like this, a little home-made house near mountains. 
  4. Some may call me a pack-rat for keeping so much of my old ‘art’ and ‘stories’. I prefer the term record-keeper.   I like to know where I’ve been.  It helps me dream where I’ll go.
  5. I’m approximately 1/5th of the way through reading James Ussher’s Annals of the World.  (But I’m taking a break for now.) Annals of the world
  6. How do I take my tea? Very seriously.
  7. I have had many people ask me where I am from, saying that they hear an accent.  I don’t really know what I’m doing to sound this way, but apparently I speak as if I’m from Europe.


Thank you for the award, Emily!  Now it’s my turn to pass it on.  I’ll hand it to: Tessa, Jemma, and Lisa, if they so wish to take it.




7 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

      1. It might actually be quite a while before I take the tag. I had a post written, but the computer deleted it, and I kind of lost all motivation 😦
        But it might happen one day


  1. Thank you for the tag!!! The hard part about these free for all tags is I NEVER REMEMBER ANYTHING ABOUT MYSELF WHEN IT COMES TIME TO WRITE THEM DOWN. Augh XD But I promise you I will do this post. (it might take me five years but… hey, I WILL do it XD)


  2. Always nice to see someone doing an award for which you’ve tagged them 🙂 I enjoyed “I like to know where I’ve been. It helps me dream where I’ll go.” I too keep old stories, art, etc. Also, fact #6 made me smile. How do you take your tea?


    1. And it was a fun tag! Thank you!
      It’s good to keep old bits of art and writing, I think. They’re nice to look back on.
      I take my tea with cream and sugar (or honey), seeped for a good long time. I usually keep the teabag in. It must never be fruity, or iced. It’s also important to have it in the right cup, if possible.


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