Reminiscence, Rhapsody, and Praise through Reflection


The thunderstorm is heralded by the deepening clouds.  For the most part it is a full summer’s day, hot and bright.  But the mountain ridge is shadowed in deep cloud.  Early night, I think.  Then lightning flashes in a brief but brilliant overture, and the storm begins.  Plump raindrops pour down, surprisingly cold amid the warm wind.

The storm continues into the night.  The veranda is my balcony seat, and I’m awed by the show.  The mountain range is silhouetted with each burst of lightening.  Majestic black peaks against a backdrop of white-gold.

It’s a glorious display, and already I am planning my review in prose.


Symphonic sky fire

Purple thunder, early night

Summer’s wind, winter’s rain

Tingling thrill- danger, delight

The storm clouds 

Sometime later, I stand on a mountain swathed in mist.  At first I see nothing but hazy white.  Then, all at once, silver sparks dance in front of me.  A lake has caught the light of the sun.  In my rapture, I nearly forget that I have a camera.  But by the time I pull it out the holy moment passes.  I catch only the fading glory. At least I have its memory saved, in part, through lyrics.


The faint glistening

Of a misty mountain lake

Echoes heaven’s gate

Misty mountain lake

To my frustration, neither of these pieces can give full tribute to those experiences.  I can’t always capture what I see and feel, whether in writing, art, or photograph.

Even so, I still try.  I want to take experiences and share them.  I want to praise my Creator through a creation of my own.   I want to keep memories alive.


8 thoughts on “Reminiscence, Rhapsody, and Praise through Reflection

  1. This is so beautiful! It’s really a mind-boggling thought – try as we might, we can’t perfectly capture in a million years what God creates out of nothing without so much as trying. What a great God we have!


  2. This is a beautiful piece, and your pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS! Did you edit them to have that slightly old, polaroid-y aesthetic?

    I am constantly floored by the beauty of creation, especially living in the countryside as I do, with mountains in my view and a lake just five minutes away. Oh, but in the city, too, especially as the sun shines over the Clyde. What an amazing God we have.


    1. Thank you, Emily!
      I did a little bit of editing, but I don’t think I had Polaroid in mind at the time.

      It’s so awe-inspiring! Psalms 19:1!
      And you’re right, even in the city there’s something to be amazed at as the light of sunset reflects off the skyscrapers.


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