Infinity Dreams Award


To start off, let me thank Tracey at Adventure Awaits for this lovely  award.  I was tagged back in August, so it’s high time for me to post this.

11 Facts:

  1. I used to work at my local museum.
  2. Since 2014, I have found 111 four leaf clovers.
  3. And since 2015, I have found 17 five leaf clovers.

    In case you don’t believe me, here is one page from my collection.
  4. I once tried learning Gaelic, the language of my ancestors. (It was great, until the program I was using shut down).
  5. When I was (much) younger I made a Star Wars graphic novel…featuring the characters as hamsters.
  6. I once walked a baby goat on a leash through the park.

    baby goat.JPG
    Here is the goat, without her leash
  7. I’m fascinated by James Gurney’s Dinotopia paintings.
  8. One of my favourite poems is ‘Clancy of the Overflow’, by Banjo Paterson.
  9. I can use a drop spindle, but not a spinning wheel.
  10. I’m a bit of a theatre nerd.
  11. And very much a history nerd!

    Good book!


11 questions answered:

  1. What’s your current favorite song? -Come Back Soon by Andrew Peterson, or Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.
  2. In the context of either reading or writing (or both): do you prefer standalones or series?- Both have their perks.  Of course -if the story is good- I will want more of the characters and story world.  But there is a certain refreshing finality to a standalone.  I’m not sure if I have a preference. 
  3. Have you ever met a book or movie character who was a lot like you? If so, who?- I don’t think I’ve ever met my exact fictional doppelganger, but I have met many characters with whom I share some similarities.  J.R.R. Tolkien’s Niggle, from Leaf by Niggle, is basically my masculine counterpart.  I’ve seen pieces of myself in both Lady Leta and the Chronicler/Florien in Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s Dragonwitch. 
  4. What’s your biggest pet peeve as a reader?- Oy vey, where do I start? Where do I end? Spelling mistakes, unconvincing romance, inaccurate portrayals, the list goes on!
  5. Favorite meal: breakfast, lunch, or supper?- Depends what I’m having, but usually I look forward to all three. It’s hard to pick a favourite.  But right now, I’m very much in love with thick Greek yogurt, mixed with raspberries and cornflakes, for breakfast. 
  6. What’s been inspiring you this week?- At the time of writing this, my week only just started. But already I’ve been inspired by music, pictures, roaming thoughts and little walks!
  7. What does a perfect day look like for you? – It would be peaceful day of books, tea, music without lyrics, and walks outside.  I’d get a lot of art and/or writing done.  Perhaps it may even end with having friends over for dinner, and we’d talk about the deep and the random long into the night. 
  8. If the world was flat, and you came to the edge of it, what would you like to find there?- A wall with many gates.  Each gate would act like the pools of the Wood between the Worlds in The Magician’s Nephew.  I’d open them, and find whole new universes.   
  9. If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?  – Just one thing?  I suppose I’d stress the importance of seeking God, and warn against the deadly trap of procrastination.  That’s two things, I couldn’t help it. 
  10. With what word would you like others to describe you?- Faithful.
  11. What’s one book that changed your life?- Would it be cheating to answer: the Bible?  I’ve been impacted in so many ways by so many books, so I can’t give this question a simple answer.  


11 new questions:

  1. What disgusts you?
  2. What inspires you?
  3. What’s the last thing that brought tears of joy to your eyes?
  4. Ideal mode of transportation? And when I ask this, I ask this without limits- Model T ford? Horse? Airship? Dragon? Flying carpet?
  5. You somehow gain possession of a time machine (was your answer to #4 the deLorean from Back to the Future, or the TARDIS?) Which time period do you go to first?
  6. Which one fictional character would you like to see in your government?
  7. Which one fictional character would you like to take for coffee?
  8. Which one fictional character would you like to kick in the pants? (or at least just glare at?)
  9. Which three historical people do you admire most?
  10. Would you rather have the ability to fly or breathe underwater?
  11. Which animal (real or fictional) reminds you most of yourself?

Thanks again, Tracey!

Now, I’d like to tag Lucy Agnes at Tangle Webs and Fairy Rings and Treskie at Occasional Randomness.  Although anyone else is quite welcome to take this tag, providing they give me the links to their replies (I especially want to see the answer for my last question).


13 thoughts on “Infinity Dreams Award

  1. It’s always interesting to know more about people 🙂
    The goat is adorable! And the Star Wars graphic novel sounds fun
    Banjo Patterson is great! One of my ancestors was his mother which is pretty cool.


      1. That’s so sweet!

        Thank you, I would like to take the tag, but I still haven’t done the other one (Actually, I did, and the computer deleted it) and I’ve got a couple of posts lined up that I really need to write.


  2. Ahhh, I love this! I can definitely see you working at a museum. As for the four- and five-leaf clovers, I blinked in astonishment, wondering how you tallied those up, and then scrolled down to the picture. Quite the collection! And the goat is so adorable and soft-looking. ^_^ (Reminds me of Beana a little, just in baby form.)

    I’m going to have to look up that Andrew Peterson song. I haven’t listened to much of his music–mainly just “Be Kind to Yourself,” which I heard about on Mirriam Neal’s blog.

    Leta! The Chronicler! Oh, I am far, far overdue for a reread of the whole series.

    Just your short list of pet peeves had me thinking, “Ugh.” 😛

    Should you ever find a wall like that (from question 8), take me with you. That sounds wonderful!

    The Bible is a great answer, don’t worry. (I didn’t specify novels, anyway, just books.) It’s definitely made the biggest change in my life too!

    Thanks for doing the tag, Blue! I loved reading your answers. The new questions are fantastic too… I may come back and answer them in the comments. But at the moment, ice cream awaits me!


    1. It was such a cute little museum. I should mention that the reason I was walking my goat through the park was for a children’s program that the museum put on each summer.

      I’m listening to Come Back Soon at this very moment, actually! I’ve come to love many of his songs, as well as his quirky Wingfeather books.

      If I should ever find a wall like that, I will let you know straight away. I’m sure we can glean a lot of story material from an adventure like that.

      My pleasure, thank YOU! I would love to see your answers! But have your ice-cream first, of course.


  3. I think it’s cool that you’ve found so many four-leafed clovers. I have only ever found one. Of course, I don’t look for them. 🙂 I also think your goat is adorable. And I share history and theatre nerd-ness. I have a particular fondness for Roman and Medieval history. And musicals, oh….. *rubs hands together* Don’t get me started…. Music Man; My Fair Lady; Guys And Dolls; Fiddler On The Roof (not seen it yet, but love the music and intend to see it soon); Newsies; Oklahoma; State Fair; Sound Of Music; Cinderella (R&H); For Me And My Gal; South Pacific (never seen that either, but still, music!); Royal Wedding; Camelot; etc, etc….. I could go on…. 😛 🙂 And other theatre too! Like Shakespeare, and such classic play and stories. Anyways, cool place ya got here, Blue!


    1. I think it’s cool too, but very confusing. Who ever heard of such bizarre amounts of serendipity?
      Ah, a fellow history and theatre nerd! Splendid! Fiddler On the Roof, Newsies, and Sound of Music are the ones I know and love best among that list.
      Thank you, Belle! It was nice of you to stop by.


  4. I love this post. 🙂 Wow, you’ve done so many interesting things! I would like to walk a goat through a park…and know how to use a drop spindle…and work at a local museum, too. 🙂

    And I was positively thrilled to see you tagged me! I can’t wait to answer these questions! (Although, seeing as how I’m quite the procrastinator myself, it may be a week or ten…)


    1. Thanks! Walking a goat through the park may have some people looking at you funny or laughing into their sleeves, but it’s still fun. I’d do it again, if given the chance.

      I’m eager to see what your answers are!


  5. Raspberries are delicious! Especially with Greek yogurt…or cheesecake…or dipped in white chocolate.
    I don’t know how clear my note in that picture is, but those were all found same patch, same day.
    Thanks, I had fun with it too. Feel free to steal the tag, if you like!


  6. Loved reading this. I am VERY intrigued by your Star Wars graphic novel! I also love the sound of your perfect day — pretty much identical to mine! And that goat! :3

    Is it Irish Gaelic or Scottish Gaelic? I would hazard a guess at Scottish because of Shennachie, but one cannot be sure.

    Love your answer to #8. Oh, and series vs standalone is such a tough call!


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