Two Tags for Writers

I’ll be doing another dual tag post today.  The first is The Writer’s Life Tag, courtesy of Tracey @ Adventure Awaits.  Thanks, Tracey!

Write-fuel:  What do you eat/drink while writing? Food usually distracts me, although I do like to have some mints or a bit of chocolate.  As for drink, my writing sessions are hardly complete without a tall mug of tea by my side.

Write sounds:  What do you listen to while writing? I like a little bit of music to motivate me and block out other sounds.  I choose soundtracks, since they don’t have distracting lyrics and could be used for setting a mood.  I also like the Piano Guys and Taylor Davis music.

Write-vice:  What’s your most debilitation distraction?  Sometimes I grow tired of my own work.  I’d much rather read what someone else has written.  Reading someone else’s book or blog can be inspiring, but also distracting.

Write-horror:  What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you while writing?  It’s not very traumatic, but I hate being interrupted.   I don’t like being interrupted as I write any more than I like being interrupted while I read.

Write-joy:  What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you while writing, or how do you celebrate small victories? I love finishing the last few words, and then admiring my new baby story.  It’s a celebration in and of itself.

Write-crew:  Who do you communicate with or not communicate with while writing? I’m not always the best with sharing stories.  I don’t even tell people that I write.  When I write, I hunker in my bat-cave, with my dark cowl pulled over my face. I think I’m getting better at sharing, though.  This blog is a bit of a milestone.

Write-secret:  What’s your writing secret to success or hidden flaw? Success:  Shh, it’s a secret!  Flaw:  what flaw?  I don’t see it.

Write-spiration:  What always makes you productive?  Having something in my head that simply must come out makes for some amazing fuel, especially if it’s been marinating for a few days.

Write-peeve:  What’s one thing that writers do (or you do) that’s annoying?I’m too easily annoyed, but I can try and keep this short.  I don’t like spelling mistakes or poor grammar.  Another thing that irks me is a scene that is supposed to be deep and spiritual, but just ends up being fluffy or flat.  Alas, I am guilty of all of these.


The second tag is The Dual Character Inquisition Tag.  Thanks to Lucy Agnes @ Tangle Webs and Fairy Rings for tagging me!  The idea is to take two characters from a writing project, and answer ten random questions.



What’s the story?  No name for it yet, but here’s the main idea of the thing:   The sibling planets Keremios and Balcerra are plagued by a growing alliance of pirates and smugglers.  Rookie Keremian intelligence operator Kinniren is on the verge of bringing down the alliance.  All she has to do is take the new information to Central.  Meanwhile Captain Rieve, the ‘secret agent’ among the Balcerran smugglers, is given a task to test his skill.  Instead of sneaking something into Keremios, he has to sneak someone out.  For some reason, the pirates and smugglers want a quirky artist called Kinniren out of Keremios.

Who are the characters?

I’ve chosen the two main characters, Kinniren Perendi and Rieve Merrit.

Kinn is looking exactly as I picture her.  Still working on Rieve.


  • What is their job? Both have two jobs, actually. As mentioned, Kinniren is both an artist and an intelligence operator. No-one is supposed to know about the second job, though.  Rieve’s cover job is a private delivery service.  But what he is really doing is making the Balcerran Smugglers’ jobs easier by sneaking in codes, weapons, and the like.
  • What do they look like? Both are humanoid aliens.  Kinniren is short and stocky, copper coloured in skin and hair. Her ears are wide, but with pointed tips. Her species is adapted to harsh desert climates.  Her iconic clothing/accessory would probably be her metallic headdress (which kind of serves the same purpose as Batman’s utility belt), with massive round glasses attached.  Rieve is long and lanky, dusky skinned with spastic black hair.  His ears are long and pointed.  His species is semi-aquatic.  His iconic clothing/accessory would mainly be his poncho, but now he has a weaponized gauntlet as well.
  • What’s their worst nightmare? Kinniren hates the ugly.  This goes beyond bad art.  She hates corruption and what it is doing to her city.  Her worst nightmare would be to see the smugglers/pirates take over.  It would also shake her to find corruption inside herself.   Rieve hates being trapped.  I’ve already caused him panic by stuffing him in a crate.  He likes his freedom, and the sense of personal power it gives.
  • What’s their dream? Kinn would love to see pirate/smugglers get their comeuppance.   Then she’d paint murals all over the city, making it pretty inside and out.  She’s idealistic like that.  Rieve would love to have enough money to retire early and live the fine life as a respectable recluse.  He’d like the freedom and peace of a large waterside estate.
  • What do they think of themselves? Kinn takes a certain delight in her eccentric artist persona.  Her other job makes her feel like a noble defender of justice- which she likes.  Rieve considers himself an artist of a sort, and gentleman rogue.
  • What do they think of the other character? It’s no secret how Kinn feels about smugglers.  She’s disgusted by Rieve’s loose morals, and considers him a slacker for not getting a respectable job.  She also thinks he’s after her secret information.  Rieve has never had ‘cargo’ escape and attack him before.  He’s sees Kinn as a threat to his perfect smuggling record.  He also sees Kinn as a naïve and self-righteous elite.
  • What’s their perfect day off? Kinn loves to wander about her city, people watching and gleaning inspiration.  Afterwards she retreats into her study and paints.  Rieve would fly to some small island in the middle of no-where, and spend the day in the water.
  • What would they do if locked in a room?   If Kinn feels the risk is worth it, she’ll use the tools hidden inside her headdress to get out.  If not, she’d figure that whoever locked her in that room will be coming back for her eventually.  Until then, she’ll conserve her energy and plot her revenge course of action.   Rieve is a little less patient.  He’d do whatever is in his power to get out, and get out NOW!
  • What would they do if a toaster suddenly went off without them expecting it? Kinn would jump with a yelp.  Then laugh, as she eats the toast.  Rieve would startle, and then look around to make sure no-one saw the scene.
  • How did they start out as?  Long, long ago, Kinn was originally a rebellious noblewoman named Zavannah.  Rather than try and fix problems, she was going to cause them.  Rieve started out as Jakk, a law-abiding but somewhat naïve trader.  He was supposed to try and keep Zavannah out of trouble.

Now, who has a writing project?  I believe Belle at Worlds Of Ink And Paper, and Abi @ If You Give a Girl a Blog may be working on something.  They are tagged for either one or both of these tags, whichever they choose.

But of course, anyone else is welcome to steal one or both of these tags. If you do, please leave a link.  I’d love to hear about your writing projects!


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