Confessions of a Kleptomaniac Bookwyrm


Normally I’m a law abiding citizen.  But I do admit to having some burglar- erm, I mean expert treasure hunter– tendencies.

I raid from bookshelves.  Borrow!  I mean borrow.

I’ve found some enticing titles in the bookshelves of some other people.  What bur-ah-expert treasure hunter can pass that up?

  • I, Nuligak- This rare gem is from my brother’s bookshelf. It’s an Inuit’s autobiography, from the 1960s.   
  • The Journals of Kierkegaard- Apparently he too was a treasure hunter, although of a different sort.
  • Josephus (‘Autobiography’ and sections from ‘Jewish War’)- I’ve always wanted to get my hands on a Josephus! Now, as soon as no one is looking…
  • The Master and Commander Series- I’ll have to raid both my brother’s bookshelf and my grandparents’ bookshelf for this. There are also quite a few books in this series.  It’ll be a challenge, but I think I’m up for it!
  • War and Peace-  I hope to rob, read, and return without my aunt noticing.  However, rumour has it that this is a real brick of a book, and in the time it takes me to read it someone might notice the gap in the bookshelf.  I’m taking a risk, here.  But what’s thievery without the thrill of danger?

But I never told you any of this, got it?  If anyone asks, I’m a perfect little angel and I really don’t know where your missing books are.


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