Quirky Kick-start

There are times when I feel drained of creativity, unable to eke out a single sentence or scribble.  Other times I’m surrounded by ideas, but have trouble catching them and putting them to words.  It was during one of those times, a few years ago, when I tried to give myself a little kick-start, and wrote this as an exercise:


  I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I felt the need to create something, but when I pulled out the word document my mind seemed to close and my fingers froze.  Anything that I wrote down ended up looking like something my dog would roll in.  Finally I flung up my hands, tossed back my head, and hollered:

“Inspirrrraaaattttiiiooon! Inspiration, c’mere!”

I waited in silence for a few minutes.  Then Inspiration leaned through the doorway, the same sort of position one might have if they weren’t intending on staying much longer.  “Yes?” he sighed. “Don’t go, come here.  Please come here.” I begged.        Inspiration moved only a little bit, so that he was standing central in the doorway. “What do you want?” he asked lazily. “This…I can’t seem to…mmmragh!” I shook my hands at the computer screen.  “I need your help! I feel completely drained of anything remotely similar to brilliant literature.” “Oh.  That’s nothing new.”

I gave him a glare, which I then turned to my word document, since I was equally miffed with it.  “Enough of that attitude!  I need some inspiration, Inspiration!  Please, give me somethinganything…Ouch!” I yelped as something smacked against my head.  I looked down at my feet, where the thing had fallen.

“It’s…a block.  A block.   Really, Inspiration?  Really?!”  He grinned “Not just any block, a writer’s block!” I bent down to pick it up, intending to throw it back at him, when suddenly the block shifted, arranging itself like a Chinese puzzle, and encased my hands.  “Argh!” I shook my trapped fists.  Oh, that kind of writer’s block.

I slammed the box against the wall, against the desk, against anything hard in my vain attempts to break it and free myself.  All I had for my efforts were sore wrists, when suddenly I slammed the box against the key board.  Finally words appeared on the screen.  I stared at them, and was so thrilled by what I saw that I didn’t even notice the writer’s block shatter.  “Look at this!  Look at this!  I just wrote a piece of sheer genius!”

Of course, this little section here was not it.


There you have it.  This may not be the most productive activity, but it is one way to handle things when I lose ideas for a story…or blog post!


4 thoughts on “Quirky Kick-start

  1. Ha! I love this! I did something very similar a couple of weeks ago, when my fingers were itching to write but my imagination wasn’t cooperating. I wrote a conversation between myself and a couple of my characters. It was fun. 🙂


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