May Day

So far I’ve been enjoying the spring.  Even in darkness of heavy rain, where the colours seem to stand out much brighter.   I’m always taking my camera out to capture each new rhododendron (better yet if they’re decked with raindrops)!


My little friends, the mason bees are out and busy.  I like to pet them.  They don’t sting, and they don’t try to escape the way bumblebees do when being petted.  But they still seem a little bewildered when I rub my finger over their tiny, fuzzy backs.


The weeping silver birches never cease to amaze me with their beauty.  The other day I stood under the curtain of dripping leaves, partially to take a picture, and partially to enjoy it all.  The leaves, being so young, are still glossy.  Nearby, a willow tree has lost its pussy-willows, but the new leaves are just as soft and silver.  I pet these, too.


May day, May day- it’s a call of delight…and also a call for help.

I’m not actually in distress- but I am feeling a little dizzy.

Spring is a time for moving forward, a time for life, for activity.  But things are moving at a faster pace than I expected.  I have some new jobs this month, starting this upcoming week.  I’ve been digitally painting till my arm aches.  Ideas for comics and character designs come in thick and fast, and I’ve even been getting requests.

With all this in mind, I think I may have to add ‘spring cleaning’ at the top of my to-do list.  I need to dust off my schedule and re-arrange my priorities.  I’m not saying this will be easy for me (oh, look!  A bird!) But the long rest of winter is over, and now I need to prepare for the busyness of summer, and the rewards of harvest.

With all that in mind, I will most likely be going back to my blogging routine of once every two weeks.

I sure hope I have time for my garden!


4 thoughts on “May Day

  1. Ohhh, what pretty pictures! (And you like bees, too! It isn’t often I find a kindred spirit in that respect.)

    I love the spring…but it always gives me an unpleasant surprise by rushing by in a whirl of activity and commitments and schoolwork. Best of luck with your spring busyness!


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