Cream de la crème

“Some people get nostalgic when they see baby booties, old movies, or photo albums.  Me, I get nostalgic looking at glass milk bottles (sad, happy sigh).  I miss milk bottles; I used to bring them into the fridge fresh and warm, straight from the barn.   Unless you have tasted milk that’s still foaming and direct from the barn, you have not tasted real milk.  What’s even better is if it is goat milk; rich and creamy, it is the ideal hot chocolate or tea milk, but also good milk for simply drinking plain.  This will be the first summer in three years that the milk bucket will be dry.  I lost my Nubian dairy goat this spring, and my Nigerian dairy goat isn’t even pregnant, so it will be a while till I am able to milk her.  I miss those days when I would sit beside the milking stall, watching to jets of milk stream into the pail; resting my head on my goat’s enormous stomach and listening to her eat grain.  Of course there were the times when, if she was not tied down and hobbled, she would kick the pail and all my hard work would spill over, other times I would finish washing the equipment and hold my hands in pain as the eczema burned in reaction to the soap and milky water.  Yet I can’t forget the satisfaction of pulling a bottle of goat milk from the fridge.  I hope to get the chance to feel that satisfaction again, and if I ever do, I can’t take that blessing for granted.”

That piece was written back in 2012.

I miss my milk goats all the more now, after being without them not just for a summer, but for several summers.  Having to go to the store for goat milk feels unnatural.  The other day I stood in the place where I would squat beside the milking stand, and even now I can almost hear the satisfying sound of milk filling the bucket.  I peered into the bare stalls, now housing nothing but spiders in their dusty cobwebs.

Blessings shouldn’t be taken for granted.  But at the same time I can’t pine for them so that I miss the blessings of now and the future.  There is a time for everything, and this is not the season for goats.  For now I will have to be satisfied with milk from the store.  This current season has its own rich ‘cream’.

It probably won’t be long before I’m feeling nostalgic for that as well.


10 thoughts on “Cream de la crème

  1. This is lovely, Blue! “This current season has its own rich ‘cream'”–I love that. It’s something I need to remember, as I have a tendency to get wrapped up in missing the days gone by rather than enjoying the here and now.


    1. Thanks!
      It was sad, but bound to happen at some point. After a time, the goat run wasn’t as green as it used to be, and I needed the time and money I usually spent on goats for post-secondary education. So I knew it was time for a break.

      I’m sorry to hear that! It’s been a while since I’ve had a bad case, but I still remember how harsh it was. I hope it clears up soon!


  2. Thank you.
    “Blessings shouldn’t be taken for granted. But at the same time I can’t pine for them so that I miss the blessings of now and the future.”

    I think it’s also important that we don’t focus on the blessings we expect to receive in the future. Lest we forget the blessings of the past and the present.

    Once you’ve tasted fresh Milk. Getting it from the store just isn’t the same.


    1. Yes, all that is true.
      I never meant to say ‘don’t look back’, ‘count your chickens before they hatch’, or something of the like.
      But part of the reason for putting this up was for me to mull over and acknowledge changes in my life- in which I found that I had accept losing some things to make way for what is here now, which will eventually impact what is coming.

      Thanks for the input!


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