The Versatile Blogger Award

Today’s post is short and sweet, courtesy of Belle @ Worlds of Ink and Paper.


  • Thank the person who nominated you

Thank ye kindly, Belle.

  • Share 7 facts about yourself :
  1. I kept over a thousand baby bees in my fridge this winter.
  2. I have an unusual aversion to rubber and silicone, especially when it’s wet.
  3. One time I left the cinnamon out of the batch of cinnamon buns I was baking.
  4. The tiniest book I own is 4cm by 5cm, and 1cm thick.
  5. My first- and so far only- concussion was due to one of my goats giving me a head-butt.
  6. I love haggis, and will gladly have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  7. For the most part I am a rule follower…but I do have a roguish streak. I’ve thrown one bold faced lie in with the facts, just for a lark.


  • Nominate 10 other bloggers of your choice: Mind if I shorten it to 4?

Maddeline J. Rose, Faith (aka Florid Sword), Gail, and Josiah Dyck.

  • Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination:  Will do.



In other news, I’ll be going back to my spring/summer schedule of every two weeks.  As I go out to photograph my flowers I notice the little bees out and about at their business.  I need to take my cue, and turn my attention to my own work.


8 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. This was very interesting!!! You sound like such an interesting person XD I don’t think I’ve ever had haggis…my dad did when he went to Scotland but I feel like he didn’t love it XD Thanks for the tag!


  2. My first question is, why did you keep so many bees in your fridge, of all places?

    My second question is, why did the goat feel the need to give you a concussion?

    I don’t have a third question. XD Thanks for tagging me!


    1. Ah, you seem to have found my lie- but I’ll answer both questions anyhow!
      These bees- a special kind called mason bees- had to be kept somewhere cold so that they would stay dormant until the right time. My fridge happened to be the best place.
      As for goats, they like to butt heads to play, fight, establish a pecking order, and keep others away from their food. Lowering your head is seen as a challenge, so don’t bend to tie your shoes in a goat pen.
      You’re welcome, I hope you enjoy it!


  3. I’m going to guess that the cinnamon one is the lie… or the one about being a rogue and lying is… in which case… HILARIOUS.

    Enjoy photographing your flowers! I’m looking forward to our flowers starting to bloom soon! And next year, maybe we’ll have a yard and I can plant a few…. 🙂

    P.S. I also tagged you for Deborah’s Spring Cleaning Writer’s Tag (no pressure, just letting you know) 🙂


    1. Good guess, but both are truths.
      Thank you, I just came back from taking more pictures! I hope you will be able to enjoy your flowers soon as well.
      Oh, thanks! I might not make it for this spring, but I can save it for the next!


  4. Thanks for the tag! This looks fun!

    Haha, that sounds like something I would do while making cinnamon buns… XD One time, I forgot to add baking powder to a batch of scones. I had them all set on the tray and ready to go into the oven. I had to throw it all back in the bowl and quick mix in the powder. So frustrating. XD


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