The Weapon Tag

Many thanks to Belle Anne for tagging me for the Weapon Tag.   This was a unique tag, one that was both fun and thought-provoking.  Now, en garde!

If you had to choose any one medieval weapon for combat, what would it be and why?

The ko-naginata of Japan.  This weapon—a small blade atop a pole—was designed to compensate for the smaller female samurai in battle against their heavier masculine counterparts.  Perhaps the era of the ko-naginata is a bit closer to the Renaissance/Reformation then it is to the medieval era, but I am tiny and I would like a weapon that is adapted for my type.
If you had to choose any one post-medieval weapon for combat, what would it be and why?

If it’s just one-on-one I’d like a taser.  Part of this is mercy, as I’d rather my attacker live; but part of this is brutal, as I intend to have my attacker live in order to pay through the nose in court.
If you had to choose to die from a blow/shot from some weapon or other, what would it be and why?

I don’t think how I die would be as important as why I die.  I’m a bit of a coward when it comes to pain (and many other things), but I don’t think I’d mind so much if I knew I was dying for something—or someone—good.  I would prefer to die not thinking ‘what a way to go’ but rather ‘worth it!’  
If you could design your own personal weapon (whether logical or not), what would it be like and how would it work? What would you call it?
I suppose I already did this with my space opera.  I didn’t give the weapon a very interesting name—I called it a disc.  It was kind of a mix of boomerang, shuriken, and taser.  The disc could be thrown like a shuriken, and would shock the target if the aim was right, and if the throw was a miss the disc would return to the thrower.  

If you were in a battle, what era of weapons would you desire most to be fighting with and why?

I’d want weapons from the future.  I’d probably have the advantage of power, as well as the element of surprise on my side.  If things go awry, I’d also want to have advanced medical care from the future.
If you were to lead a charge, what would your battle cry be?

My heritage has already provided me with a battle cry: ‘CREAG AN TUIRC!!!’  But it’s mainly for summoning clan McLaren to defend Balqhuidder.

I suppose any other battle cry would depend on how and why I’m fighting. 
Is your preferred style of combat physical, conversational, or mental? Are you more prone to do one as to the other despite your preference?

I’ve never had to be in combat, and in all honestly my preference is no combat.  Physical?  I may threaten physical violence if you take my food, but I won’t actually do anything.  Engaging in fisticuffs is my last resort for only the worst offences, and probably not a very effective one.  Conversational?  That depends.  I wouldn’t mind a slow and thoughtful interaction through writing, but face-to-face conversation is a bit more demanding.  I associate mental with conversational.  How about prayer, arts, and education?  I consider them to be styles of combat, and I prefer them.


It was interesting for me to answer these questions.  I find that while I don’t quite have the fighting spirit of my Highland ancestors, neither to I have the pacifism of my Mennonite ancestors.  I recognise that conflict is a necessary part of life, but I don’t have what it takes to be a fighter…at least not in the traditional sense.  However, as I mentioned above, prayer, arts, and education are styles of combat—ones that I not only wish to use, but like to use.  It is these ‘regular’ activities that I offer for advancing Christ’s Kingdom.

So ends the Weapon Tag.  I pass it on to Kenzie @Smudged Thoughts, because she wields a pitchfork named Rupert, and to Marrok @ MarrokMacintyre, because he wants a hall of swords (but then, who wouldn’t want that?)

And, finally, the creator of this tag, the Doorman, has requested that bloggers who had been tagged sign off with a dedication to the King of Kings.  For this I will use a battle cry which I notice seems to be a favourite among artists and educators:

Soli Deo Gloria!

Soli Deo Gloria in aeternum!


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