The Tales of Ambia

Fairy tale/fairy tale-retelling is my top genre for 2020 reading so far. I’ve come across a wide variety of worlds in my magical travels, but Allison Tebo’s world of Ambia has its own brand of quirky!

The Reluctant Godfather introduces Burndee, a fussy fairy who is more adapt at baking cakes than granting wishes*. With a twist, this Cinderella retelling answers the question we all ask: ‘Why would the Prince think it a good idea to use a glass slipper for choosing his bride?’

A Royal Masquerade follows the story of The Goose Girl, but set against the backdrop of Ambia’s worst/best wedding rehearsal**. Things become more complicated as prankster Prince Colin gets what he deserves, but at the wrong time.

This brings us to the third book, fresh from the bookery, a companion to A Royal Masquerade:

Poppy’s Peril!

Poppy's Peril Release Graphics (1)

Princess Poppy doesn’t feel very royal, and she certainly doesn’t feel ready to marry. But when her father decides that a marriage to a foreign duke would benefit their small kingdom, Poppy obeys.

Stepping into an unknown world full of hidden dangers, Poppy must navigate betrayals she never anticipated and discover the inherent royalty and strength within her own heart.

A companion novelette to A Royal Masquerade.

Poppy’s Peril can be found on Kindle for $0.99 (for a limited time)

or for $1.40 CDN



*Unless one wishes for cake…as I do often.

** Depending on how one looks at it.  Either way, one could safely call it smashing.



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