Mother’s Day Snippets

While I’m reading, I like to write down snippets and quotes that stand out to me. In doing this, I sometimes notice themes. Anything food related grabs my attention the most, but I also find myself especially appreciating sections where a writer pays homage to parents.

For Mother’s Day, I’ve compiled a collection of quotes that honour mothers, either by example or with outright praise:


“No—dash it all, I seem to be saying all the wrong things today. I was absolutely stunned that first day in court, and I rushed off to my mater, who’s an absolute dear, and the kind of person who really understands things, and I said, ‘Look here! Here’s the absolutely one and only woman, and she’s being put through a simply ghastly awful business and for God’s sake come and hold my hand!’ You simply don’t know how foul it was.”

Strong poison, Dorothy Sayers


“The moon lifted her gaze and met that of her former child. But she did not see the monster it had become. Her eyes, glazed over though they were in terror and tragedy, still perceived her beloved. She did not speak, but her lips formed the name – Ce Imral.”

Golden Daughter, Anne Elisabeth Stengl


“Anne always had contrived to keep a straight face when a straight face was indicated, no matter how crazily she might laugh it over with Gilbert afterwards. She knew Nan’s worry was real and dreadful to her; and she also realized that this small daughter’s theology needed attention.”

Anne of Ingleside, L.M. Montgomery


“She was almost always there, ready to play with the children, and read to them, and help them to do their home-lessons. Besides this she used to write stories for them while they were at school, and read them aloud at tea, and she always made up funny pieces of poetry for their birthdays and for great occasions, such as the christening of kittens, or the refurnishing of the doll’s house, or times when they were getting over the mumps.”

The Railway Children, E. Nesbit


“Smiths,” Albert finally said. “We raise our glasses to your mother. She gave me the five of you. She gave me a life. In all my drifting, she has bound us together, kept us sane, and kept us close—to her, and to each other.” He paused, and all the children looked at their mother. Trudie wiped her eyes quickly and forced a tight-lipped smile. “God knows,” Albert continued, “I haven’t given her much in return.”

The Door Before, N.D. Wilson

Happy Mother’s Day


4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Snippets

  1. That Lord Peter quote was one of the first things that endeared me to that charming detective. 🙂 Nothing better than a grown man asking his mother to hold his hand.

    I miss Anne and her brood.


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