The Tales of Goldstone Wood Tag

I have often mentioned my love for the Tales of Goldstone Wood, by Anne Elisabeth Stengl.  With such vivid, multifaceted worlds and characters, it’s well worth talking about (and reading). Recently I was given the honour of receiving this Goldstone Wood themed tag from a Knight of Farthestshore, the Wood’s most noble order.  Thank you, Knight Maya Joelle!


~ use the tag graphic (see above)
~ link back to Knights of Farthestshore as the creators of this tag
~ answer the 10 questions  (Here I would like to add: please try to avoid spoilers, thanks)
~ tag at least 4 people

  1. Which Tales book is your favorite?

It’s tricky to pick a favourite.  But I have a special affection for Dragonwitch.  I believe Dragonwitch was the first Goldstone Wood book I ever saw, back when I still had a local Christian bookstore.  Initially, my first thoughts were: ‘Dragons? Witches?  In a Christian bookstore?  Is that kosher?’  A few years later, I had been properly introduced to Goldstone Wood through library copies of Heartless and Starflower, but Dragonwitch was the first book I bought—as if in remedy to my first rejection. 

  • Who is your favorite character?

This seems kind of cruel, but I’ll make an effort… never mind, I can’t pick one (I tried).  But I’d like to take a moment to mention some characters that don’t get enough credit: Akilun, Oeric, Imoo, and Rogan, who deserved better.

  • You’re making a Goldstone Wood movie (your choice of which book it’s about). Who would you cast as the leads?

‘Fraid I’m quite uncultured when it comes to film, and don’t know enough actors or actresses to muster a proper cast. 

  • If you could live anywhere in the world of Goldstone, where would you live?

Could I live in the Haven’s library?  I can’t live in the Gaheris library, that one’s taken.

  • You are a private detective. Which character would you want to be your sidekick?

Beana.  She’s sensible, loyal, and knows how to fight… I’m sure I’d need someone like that while I’m hounding down shady characters. 

  • If Eanrin had to stay at your house for a week, what would it be like and what would you do first?

First few days would be a fiasco.  I wouldn’t take kindly to Eanrin’s pride (mainly because it clashes with my own).  I’d amuse myself by snarking him, and talking approvingly of dogs.  Eventually Eanrin would discover my cat allergy, and would probably get his revenge by shedding on everything.   Finally, Imraldera or the Prince would have to intervene and make us shake hands. We’d settle into a fragile tolerance of each other, until we find common ground over our appreciation for epic poetry.

  • Who is your favorite couple?

Leta and the Chronicler.  Bonding over books and learning to understand one another. 

  • If you could hang out with one character for one day, who would it be and why?

I’d love to have tea with Captain Sunan…maybe not on his ship, though.  He’s such a fascinating character, but we only know a little bit of his life.  I would like to find out the rest of his story.

  • What Goldstone character do you wish you were more like?

Imraldera.  I wish I were immortal too, so that I could have more time to read books.  Having Imraldera’s wisdom would also be nice.

  1. Have the allegorical messages in the books touched you or your life in some way?

The messages have often been encouraging.  Perhaps not lifechanging, I’ll admit, but I do love beautiful reminders; of courage, redemption, and trust.  

I wish I could hand this tag on to others… but, sadly I don’t know many bloggers who read the Tales Goldstone Wood, and the few I do have already been tagged.  I leave this tag here as an invitation:  I encourage all who pass this way to read the Tales of Goldstone Wood, then come take this tag and tell me what you thought of them.

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