Dawnsong Cover Reveal

I’m always excited when Bryn Riplinger Schutt puts up a new snippet from her stories.  Each piece is intriguing and beautifully written.  The art (often by PhantomRin, Inscape.Studio, or H.S.J Williams) is equally enchanting.  Every time we’re treated to such tantalizing teasers, I look forward to when a book from Shutt will be published.  That time is coming soon…

Once, Lilias Khove was someone else, a dancer revered and applauded. Now, she guards a city.

Once, Prevecost was something other, a city strong and renowned throughout the world. Now plague stalks her streets and steals her citizens.

But the city has secrets and so does the dancer.

In a time as dark and silent as the death it fears, these secrets will save or they will damn.

Unravel them all on 1/1/21.

cover by H.S.J Williams and Inscape.Studio

You can pre-order this beautiful novelette on kindle here: https://tinyurl.com/y2gfwanm

 Profits will go towards helping street children in Goa, India.

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