The Narnia Tag

Fanatic Rating

Nostalgic Fanatic:  You read the book and/or watched the movies as a child and the word Narnia gives you a warm feeling.

Serious Fanatic: You rediscovered the wonder of Narnia after you were older and have read the books and watched the movies.

Maniacal Fanatic: You have lived Narnia from childhood, hid in closets on more occasions than is healthy, have read and watched all the movies including the BBC version

Calling myself a Maniac and a Fanatic is weird.  I didn’t think I acted very maniacal or fanatical… and yet I look at the requirements and see that the boot fits.  (You haven’t mentioned the Focus on the Family audio dramas!)


Who is your favourite Pevensie sibling? 

At the beginning, when my father read the Narnian series aloud to us at bed, High King Peter was my favourite.  He was a true heroic figure of the classic order—and the eldest, like me. 

Later in life, I came to admire Lucy.  Her gentle trust was the sort of faith I wished I had, and I looked to her as a sort of role model.

These days I have a renewed appreciation for Edmund.  Redemption stories are among my favourites, and I love his transformation from traitor to defender.

Susan never really reached such a status… I don’t react well to unrepentant betrayal.

But High King Peter will always remain Magnificent.

What is the most underrated Narnia book?

Is there one?  I get the sense that The Magicians Nephew doesn’t get quite the attention it deserves.  It’s such a great adventure story, with expeditions through old attics, crazy magicians, and new worlds. 

Who is your favourite Narnian king?

Aside from the Pevensie bros?  Either the first king of Narnia, or the last one.  I think I’ll go with the first one today.  Frank is such a good, solid sort.  When suddenly finding himself stuck in a dark and unfamiliar place, he promptly calms the others and sings the doxology.  I like the way he thinks.

Who is your favourite Narnian queen?

Aside from the Pevensie sisters?  I’ll go with Queen Helen, for similar reasons as I did for Frank.  She’s an honest, hard working individual, who takes this whole suddenly-plunked-into-a-different-world business quite calmly. 

Which non-human Narnian do you like best?

Definitely Puddleglum!

Which book deserves a movie?

The Horse and His Boy has great cinematic potential, I think.  Just picture it—the sweeping scenery of the deserts and mountains, the drama of the plotting scenes, silhouetted horses running against moonlit waters, all with epic music in the background.

What is the one thing you did as a Narnia fan you do not regret?

I regret nothing!  I remember being a little uncertain when, as a child, I hid in the old closet… that’s where we kept our (uncovered) skates.  But so long as I kept my bare feet away from the bare blades all was fine. 

There is, however, one thing I didn’t do that I regret not doing.  When I was about 12 or so, I made one page of what was essentially a graphic novel version of The Horse and His Boy—a scene from just before Bree and Shasta meet Aravis and Hwin.  Only one page.  I wish I had kept going.  It would have been excellent practice for making comics, and great fun besides.

Thanks to Sarah for this fun tag!

2 thoughts on “The Narnia Tag

  1. Puddleglum seems like a very popular choice for “favorite non-human Narnian.” I’m glad.

    High King Peter is the best, The Magician’s Boy deserves more love, and The Horse and His Boy does indeed have fantastic cinematic potential. I quite agree.


    1. As is only right!
      Thank you, although I admit that I didn’t think too deeply on the second question. (I noticed that you, on the other hand, did better and investigated the subject.)


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