Rebellious Resources, Part 2

… The first part was only the beginning of my unsolicited recommendations. This time I will offer four in different formats, all relating to a vaguely similar theme of women, family, and life. In honour of Mother’s Day, in light of recent events, and also just because.



Sheologians is a worthwhile listen for women in all stages of life. After warming up with silly word-play and a random mini-discussion, hosts Summer and Joy cover history, culture, practical theology, and sometimes mysterious crimes.


Slow to Write

Samuel Sey may cover some of the harshest topics, but he does so in the gentlest manner. Especially touching is the love and respect he has for his incredibly brave mother, as shown in the link above.


The Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands,

by Mary Seacole

She may not have had any children of her own, and yet Mary Seacole was ‘mother’ to many grateful people. From giving food, to giving aid, and even to giving discipline, Mary took on a mother’s role for those who needed it most.


Exposing and Ending Abortion

Compassionate and concise. Pastor Durbin shows the importance not only of human life, but also of God’s law and Gospel as the best method for saving both mother and child.

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