Loved Literature Found

The world of Lost Media had a victory semi-recently, as the legendary Wicked Witch of the West episode of Sesame Street was finally uncovered and released.  Since posting my piece on ‘lost literature’, I have also had my own great rediscoveries:

The Comic Books

Five more of the old comics have been found!  As it turns out, they were in Oma’s (grandmother’s) basement all this time, and a recent cleaning uncovered them.  I wish I had thought of that before, to check with Oma to see if she had kept any of the old comics.  She was, after all, the one who knew where to find them, and would keep some at her place for my brothers and I when we were little. 

The comics recovered were two Little LuLus, one Donald Duck, one Uncle Scrooge and one Richie Rich.  I was never fond of Little LuLu, but a couple of the stories I remembered, and so I was glad to see them again.  The Richie Rich—a favourite of my younger self—oddly advertises an absent ‘Jack Pots’ story, and the comic overall was less impressive than I remember.  The Donald Duck is a duplicate of one we already have.  But the comic I’m happiest to recover is the Uncle Scrooge—one I remembered well for its adventure as well as its lesson in contentment. 

The Timeline Book

Somehow, I had gotten the idea that my aunt had lost/given away her massive timeline book.  But after publishing the last post, I decided to check again.  I was pleased to be proven wrong (a rare occurrence).  Once again, Auntie was generous, and let me borrow the book.

I had guessed the timeline ended around the 1800, maybe into WWII.  But it actually ends in 1998.  By that time, however, the book was getting difficult to read.  There were so many timelines of so many countries, drawn out thin and tiny.   But it was good to finally be able to have timelines that went beyond 70 AD.  The pre-1066 Britain timelines were especially helpful.

Naomi’s Road

The name of this book was helpfully provided by my friend, ‘the Honourable Mrs. D’.   It seems Joy Kogawa wrote this story in three different forms, and although the one I remember is Naomi’s Road, I would later like to try Obasan and Naomi’s Tree. For now, though, I’m just revisiting Naomi’s Road. 

Naomi’s Road was a beautifully bittersweet book to revisit.  I would say it is one of those special books that can be enjoyed in adulthood just as much as in childhood.  The child-like point of view is poetic, and shows an innocence that truly brings home the injustice of the era.  But it also shows hope, and ends on a note of restoration. The story was short enough for me to read in one day. 

I’m happy for so many rediscoveries, but also surprised that they all came so soon.  I don’t think I have so much hope for finding the other lost books… but who knows, I may be surprised yet again. 

2 thoughts on “Loved Literature Found

  1. I can see why having a timeline book that goes past 70 AD could be useful… (I mean, I’m sure a lot of stuff happened in good old 69, but it would be good to have some information on the slightly more recent times…)
    I’m glad you were able to find some of these!


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