My blog sits patiently at its dock, waiting for take-off.  I’ve only just put the thing together, and the welder is still warm in my hands.  It’s a tiny ship, but I think it will fly well.

I put away the tools, and pull out the paints.  It’s time to name my little vessel.  I pause, brush in hand, and finally decide on To be a Shennachie.

Shennachie: what the Scots of old would call the storytellers.  Shennachie: a keeper of history and legends.  Shennachie: what I hope to be.

Now to take this thing for a test drive.

But I pause in the doorway and look up into the night sky.  It’s so big out there.  What if get myself lost?

it’s a possibility.  But on the other hand, I’m ready for a little adventure.  If I want to share stories, I may as well make some of my own along the way.




10 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. That was beautiful, and shennachie, what a beautiful word, as well.

    The internet is rather like the night sky, sometimes: vast, unknowable, somehow menacing. But I can vouch for the blogosphere, at least, as a lovely place full of lovely people. You are so very welcome. I hope you’ve come to stay.

    Thank you for taking an interest in Ink, Inc.! I have followed you, although I don’t know much about WordPress so I don’t know if it’ll even register to you. On Blogger you have a dashboard and you can add blogs by url so that their posts will come up on your feed even if you don’t follow via GFC. Which is what I’ve done. But I do have a WordPress account, as you can see, so I guess I could follow with it to give you the onscreen number. Tell me if you have a note that I’m following you and we shall consider 🙂

    Now that you are an officsh blogger and I’m an officsh follower I feel we should at least make some basic get-to-know-you effort, so this is the quickfire round.
    1) Three books you like. (I’m not going to insult you by asking for a favourite.)
    2) The country you call home.
    3) Do you have any tattoos and if so what and where, and if not would you ever get a tattoo and if so what and where? (That’s my fave question.)
    4) Guilty pleasure song? (My other fave.)

    And once more I say: WELCOME TO BLOGGING!

    PS Your font is lovely. Also, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but on my screen the bar headed “Search”, with the options down to “Categories”, has come up twice. This may just be my laptop, I’m not sure.

    OK, I’m actually leaving now! 🙂


  2. Thank you, Emily! that’s very kind of you.

    I don’t see any notifications. But then, I’m still figuring this thing out.

    1) No doubt you’ll be hearing all about my favourite books in the future! But for now I’ll mention The Hiding Place, Les Miserables, and my Mennonite cook book (cookbooks count, don’t they? I love my cookbooks).
    2) Narnia! (or Canada).
    3) No, thank you.
    4) I have a feeling all my songs are guilty pleasure songs. My taste is unusual (or so I’ve been told by ‘cool people’).

    Yes, sorry. I’m trying to fix that. It may take a while, though.


    1. 1) As in Corrie Ten Boom? I love that book. I also love Les Mis, which I read a few months ago. But what does Mennonite mean?
      2) I really want to visit both of those countries!
      3) Disappointing 😉
      4) Don’t listen to the cool people! They know v little. (Shennachies are much cooler in my opinion.)

      The duplicate has gone now, as I’m sure you know 🙂


      1. Yes, Corrie Ten Boom’s story is one I’d recommend to everyone. And congratulations for finishing a notoriously heavy book!
        Mennonite is a Christian denomination; but also a bit of a cultural group, since they are known for sticking to their Dutch/Swiss/German heritage in tight communities. The food includes lots of bread and beef, tomatoes and potatoes, as well as massive amounts of cabbage.

        And yes, shennachies are cooler. Very much so.


  3. Welcome to the blogosphere, Blue! I am SO excited you’ve started a blog! (But in the busyness of life, I lost the chance to be your very first commenter. :P)

    And may I just say again that you have a lovely way with words? Because you do.

    Love the term ‘shennachie,’ by the way! This is the first I’ve heard of it.


  4. I’m terribly late, but I must say it anyway: Welcome to the blogging world! I truly don’t think I’ve ever seen a better first post than this one.

    I had never heard the word Sennachie before, but it’s quite lovely. I have to ask, though… How do you pronounce it? I saw it pronounced both “Sennakie” and “Sennachie” when I looked it up.


    1. Thank you, Athelas!
      That’s very kind. I’m glad you liked it.

      I don’t hear ‘Shennachie’ that much either, so I’m not completely sure of the pronunciation. I say ‘shan-ah-kee’, but I think the pronunciation, like the spelling, varies.


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