2019 Salute


While other places were enjoying impressive fireworks, my area was experiencing impressive waterworks. Rain came thundering down on the last night of 2019, reflecting the glow of the Christmas lights. On the first morning of 2020, the rain had vanished, leaving bright blue sky.


This year I returned to many old favourite books, building up my Anne collection and rereading James Herriot. I finished/rediscovered The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, the Mistmantle Chronicles, and Trenton Lee Stewart.   I enjoyed many historical books. Finally finished Phillip Schaff’s collection of Ante-Nicaean Fathers, which I had started the year before.   At the end of the year, like an unexpected Christmas gift, our long-lost collection of old comics were finally found (among the recipe magazines).


The keyboard was quiet this year. The records show little bits and pieces of writing here and there, and I even put down some new story ideas. But my attention was often focused on other people’s projects. I was commissioned for more illustrations, and began mentoring for creative writing.


The chickens were all sold, and the tattered fence torn down. I’ve enjoyed the quiet now that the rooster is not there to crow at five-minute intervals (starting at 4 AM), but I admit I’ll miss the childish entertainment I had in filming him crow in slow-mo. This leaves the aged cat and dog as the only animals on the homestead, at least for a time.

Although it pained me, I decided against going to Realm Makers. Instead I spent much of my time and energy closer to home. I continued my careful plotting to take over the family business—but I also started my own separate business (the mentoring mentioned above) with the incredible help of some incredible people.


Difficult lessons this year. Past years pointed me towards the sovereignty of God. This year challenged me to follow through by forcing me to identify and admit my idols. I also learned how reluctant I was to tear them down.

I continued to enjoy learning about Church History, though. I intend to keep going with my studies, thanks to some wonderful new books as Christmas gifts.

Is He Worthy
Church outside at the fair, singing Andrew Peterson’s beautiful Is He Worthy


Here’s to 2020.   May God grant us clear vision, with his truth, courage, and grace.


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