Let’s be Thankful for Something

I’ve enjoyed Gail’s Let’s be Thankful for Something since she began the series.  The topics, random though they may be, are always delightful.  This time, though, Gail has handed the torch off to a few other bloggers, asking them to highlight that for which they are thankful.

Let’s see, now…

I think I would like to say how much I’m thankful for The Written Word

This goes beyond the fact that books are my constant companion.  There are many reasons for my love of writing and reading, but for today I will list three.

A solid form to fleeting thoughts

I have a full messy-drawer of various letters, sticky-notes, and pages torn from note-books.  So many of these quick scribblings are there for reminders, be it for a phone number or story idea.  Though they look like scraps– often written on receipts or alongside doodles– they’re actually quite valuable.  If something’s not written down, I’m likely to forget it.  But other things in my messy-drawer or notebooks are written with a bit more care.  I may not be able to properly express myself with on-the-spot speech, but when writing I am able to give my thoughts form and even refine them.

Historian’s ally

The oral art of the bards (and shennachies) of old is fascinating!  But spoken word alone has its drawbacks.  Storytellers couldn’t look back any further into a story’s history than their father’s or grandfather’s time, and such limited vision encourages anachronism.  A tale could be carried along generation by generation, but it would eventually grow to resemble its audience, and the original essence would fade.  But when something is written, it seals the story as the author intends it, preserving the ideas and policies of that time, regardless of what future audiences will think.  Even if a later author writes the same thing with a different slant, that would at least make a way to trace the changing of thought through time.

A lamp for my feet and a light for my path

My final point is specific:  I’m grateful to have the bible– a copy of my own, completed, in my native language.  One thing that stood out to me while reading The Hiding Place, God’s Smuggler, and similar books, was how important it was for God’s people to have God’s word.  Such books are great throughout, but I especially love the parts that tell of how spiritually starved people were given bibles, and how joyful they were to receive that great gift.  Considering how there have been times and places where the bible was illegal, untranslated, or even just available to the privileged few, I’m grateful to be able to have and read the scriptures.


Yes, I’m thankful for literacy.  I can’t imagine life without it… nor do I want to!

Thanksgiving is long over (especially for me, since I celebrated in October).  But any day is a good day to be thankful.  So with that, I pass on the torch to any and all reading this.

What are you thankful for?



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