Last five minutes of 2018


2018 had a pleasantly peaceful departure.  I spent the final hour writing my space opera and beta-reading.

But just before that, I had nipped over to my grandparents to say ‘Happy New Year’ and share a new New Year’s song.  The tune was the familiar ‘Auld Lang Syne’, but the lyrics were very different.  The song looks back on the wonders God had wrought in the past year, looks forward to what is to come, and ultimately looks up to praise.

Your grace will never be forgot
Your mercy all my life
Will be my source forever song
My story and my light


2018 was an excellent year for reading!  I enjoyed another round of Karen’s Back to the Classics Challenge, finishing all but one of the categories.  I pushed my book budget more than once.  I found books I thought were lost, I re-read old favourites, and found several new ones.    There are so many books I want to talk about, but I’ll have to dedicate a separate post to this subject.


2018 seemed quite mild writing-wise.  I did add to a few simmering stories here and there, and returned to my still un-named ‘sci-fi- space-story’.  I even went through my ‘Evil Princess Helena’ story again.

But I think my main focus was in the illustration department.  After stating my wish to one day create an online comic, I followed through (in a sense) and put up my three part series ‘Dreams and Disasters’.   I had a commission for illustrations early in the year, and by the end of the year the same person commissioned another set.



In 2018 I found myself experiencing things I had dreamed about, but didn’t think I’d ever actually do.  For a brief, thrilling moment I held a hummingbird in my hands.  I found not only one but two  six-leaf clovers.  Perhaps the most exciting thing that happened was my trip to Realm Makers in St. Louis, where I was surrounded by a community of crazy creative Christ-seekers, tantalizing new books, lessons, and opportunities. 

From mountain top to valley low
Through laughter and through tears
Surely the goodness of my God
Will follow all the years


My favourite activity in 2018 would probably have to be learning more about the history of my faith.  I bought several books, rummaged through the archives of ccel, and listened to lectures.  History, even holy history, isn’t always the gentlest of studies, and I’ve had to make my peace with fallen heroes and good intentions turned sour.  Yet even the hard lessons were well worth learning, as they shattered my misconceptions so that I could see more clarity.  The best part is seeing the Christ connection, tracing the bond that transcends time, nations, and denominations.


Despite the wonderful things that happened in 2018, sometimes it felt as if cowardice overshadowed courage and procrastination beat productivity.  Even learning more about my faith was tainted when I grew arrogant over it.  But when I flip through the calendar, look at the year’s photos, or admire my over-burdened bookshelf,  I’m glad for this time to reflect on the departed year.  I’m then able to see the good and the bad in context, appreciate what has happened, and anticipate what is to come.

You know our failures and regrets
You always led us home
Redemption’s arm has raised us up
Our triumph in the storm

For all that You have done for us
For every battle won
We’ll raise a song to bless Your heart
For all that you have done

For All That You Have Done — Rend Collective



Welcome, 2019


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